1. 48”x60” mixed media on reverse acrylic, brushed gold metal mount

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To create an original painting on reverse glass, the pigments are applied to the backside of the glass. This requires a different perspective and skill set, as the artist needs to anticipate how the image will look when viewed from the front.

Various techniques are implemented, such as layering translucent colors to create depth, using metallic leaf for added texture and shine, and combining painting with other decorative elements like etching or engraving on the glass surface.

Since the painting is on the reverse side of the glass, light interacts with the medium differently. The glass enhances the play of light and shadow, creating dynamic visual effects as light passes through and reflects off the painted surface.

Each piece is an original, one of a kind, hand painted piece of fine art.  Signed by the artist  and includes a COA (certificate of authenticity). 

Art ships ready to hang with hardware included.